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Protector 2: 1.5" Band Width

Protector 2: 1.5" Band Width

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Industry Leading Band Saw Blades

AMADA MODIFIED M42 HSS Blade Preventing Tooth Chipping When Cutting Structural Steels
Featuring robust tooth geometry, highly effective against tooth loss due to excessive vibration and aggressive feed rates, provides superior cutting efficiency on structural steels.


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  • Protector Tooth Shape
    • A protector is added to the back of the tooth face to prevent the tooth from chipping.
  • Increased Tooth Tip Strength
    • The tooth tips are made stronger to endure the impact caused during intermittent cutting and to achieve high cutting efficiency.
  • Wide Set (WS) Specification
    • A broaching style tool set pattern reduces the risk of blade pinching as compared with conventional blades.
  • The Lineup of PROTECTOR-ACE Improved from PROTECTOR
    • Excellent in wear resistance edge material M42 cobalt high-speed steel adopted.
Edge Material Amada Modified M42 HSS
Hardness of Tooth Tip 900HV
Wear Resistance (1 – 5) **
Chipping Resistance (1-5) *****


inch (Width) mm (Width) inch (Thick) mm (Thick) 2/3 3/4 4/6
3/4″ 19 0.035″ 0.9     V
1″ 27 0.035″ 0.9   V V
1 1/4″ 34 0.042″ 1.1   V V
1 1/2″ 41 0.050″ 1.3 V/WS V/WS V
2″ 54 0.063″ 1.6  V/WS V/WS V
2-5/8″ 67 0.063″ 1.6 V/WS V/WS V

V: Variable Positive Rake
WS: Wide Set Specification Available (Helps Eliminate Blade Pinching)