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Sawmist 750 Jug 3.78L

Sawmist 750 Jug 3.78L

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Micro lubricant for light duty near dry machining sold in 1 gallon containers.

SAW MIST 750 is a naturally derived minimal quantity lubricant typically applied in drops to eliminate traditional flood coolant applications. SAW MIST 750 is ideally suited for near-dry machining of galvanized, copper, brass, magnesium and aluminum alloys.


Eliminates coolant waste, outstanding friction, and heat resistance, eliminates coolant maintenance, eliminates corrosion, eliminates post cleaning operations, eliminates coolant rancidity and odor, 100% biodegradable, no biocides, improved shop air quality, produces dry chips and allows for faster machining.


General machining, sawing, roll forming, spinning, vacuum molding, injection molding and metal forming operations.

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